Why Numbers Soar Training [How To Get Started]

Join us for a FREE 5 Wk Training Course and Book Club through my new book Why Numbers Soar! 

We don’t just want you to read this book, we want to help you take ACTION!  

Step 1: Purchase the book.

Click here to purchase a physical copy at Amazon for $8.99

Click here to purchase a Digital E-BOOK on our shop at FMUShop.com. $4.99

Step 2: Follow our podcasts, blogs, and other training resources here. We will update weekly over the next few weeks. If you want weekly reminders and notifications, make sure you are subscribed to our email list.

Step 3: Share with a friend or family member who you think would really benefit from this right now!

If you need some motivation over the cold months… 
Or need to get out of that lull…
And need to re-ignite your life…

Then join us!

It’s a short read. Only 90 pages in all. We’ll take one chapter a week for 5 weeks.

This book will help you break plateaus in life. I’ll show you how these principles relate to your fitness, relationships, career, faith, and life.

Amber and I were nobodies when we started this company! We had no right starting FMU. People told us not to do it. We refused to listen. Fitness companies are failing left and right. For some reason we are booming! If we can do it, anyone can! Including YOU!

We start Monday, December 10th.

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Coach Theo

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