What gets you ripped? Sleep.

“There are three things that you need to focus on. Nutrition. Fitness. And sleep. And the greatest of these is sleep.”

I decided that if I know how important something is for you, then I’m going to make sure I repeat it until it sticks and I don’t care if you get sick of hearing it! 

A long, long time ago I was talking with a body builder and something that struck me was how obsessed he was with his sleep. He had to get 8-9 hours every night and he wouldn’t let anything get in the way. That convo with him sparked my interest in studying the power of sleep more. Selfishly, at that time I just thought it was motivating because it would help my muscles look better! 

Nowadays, I personally know I can’t function at the energy level that’s required of me on a daily basis for my “job,” to be the my best I can for others, without adequate sleep. And what makes me even more strict about it is that after years of reading and studying it, I know too much about the negative effects of not getting enough sleep, that it will heighten my anxiety even more if I don’t! 

It’s more important than your workouts.

It’s more important than your eating habits.

It balances your hormones.

It rebuilds your muscles. 

It enables you to burn more fat.

It increases your cardiac output.

It resets your cognitive functioning. 

And now researchers are finding that it’s one of the most productive things we can do because we grow in our sleep. During sleep, we process the information and experiences we gather while awake. 

It doesn’t matter if u say you can’t. 

It doesn’t matter if you say you don’t need it. 

It’s proven that it’s how we were designed. We NEED sleep. MINIMUM 7.5-8 hours every night. 

I always say, God designed you that way. Take it up with him if you disagree with it.

65% of Americans get less than what’s medically required.

I’m convinced, it’s why people are falling apart. 

I physically feel the difference during the day when I don’t get to bed at my bedtime of 9:30pm! And I can’t imagine the wear and tear that would happen if I kept doing that day in and day out over time, for years. 

I’m also convinced that people have just decided to accept OK. Most are functioning in a fatigued state and they’ve either accepted it, or just don’t realize what it’s like to actually feel optimal. 

So as your coach, I wouldn’t feel right steering you wrong. 

I would never want you to say I didn’t tell you.

If you asked me what’s really important for peak performance, I would say before anything else, rest and SLEEP!

Now that you’ve read this. Put the phone down. Take your CBD oil. And get to bed! 

You need your sleep. 

People need you tomorrow. 

Don’t be a disservice to them.

Tomorrow starts tonight.


Coach Theo

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