[PODCAST] Never Forget Where You Came From Chapter 1 with Coach Theo & Coach Amber

Click below to listen: [20:54]

Check out today’s podcast covering Chapter 1 from our new book Why Numbers Soar! (Excuse me for my nasally sound! It’s this cold I’m fighting off!)

Coach Amber and I talk about Never Forgetting Where You Came From and how this important concept can help you get to where you want to go.

We’ll share two action steps (one big, one small) that you can personally do to gain power from this principle: 

#1. Write out your life story.

#2. Do the Uncommon Workout.

There are some major truth bombs from this podcast that will hopefully hit you hard. Wait ’til you hear the story about the letter we wrote to our landlord. Another one is this: God doesn’t choose the equipped; he equips the chosen.

He will use you if you let him. And we say, LET HIM!


Coach Theo


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