FMU Adult 7 Min Drill Workout FREE

What we have found when fitness coaching other people is that one of the best combos is  prescribed reps within a prescribed time (meaning tell people how many reps to do for each move, and then tell him to do as many rounds as possible for each move within a set time). This creates a sense of urgency to keep the pace moving, but also allows them to complete good challenging reps without feeling rushed by an interval timer.

In our 7 min drill workout for today, you have two moves to complete back n forth for as many rounds possible (typically 3-4 sets each) in 7 minutes.

Take a :30-:60 second break before moving on to the next superset circuit.

Complete all six circuits one time each for a total of 48 minutes.


Watch a highlight video of each exercise below.

For an adequate 5 minute warm-up video go here: FMU Big Ten Warmup

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