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“One of my favorite things to do is get out into the community and speak. While I interweave my main messages and themes into all of my talks, I also change the focus and concepts depending on the audience. Check out the five main talks I give and let us know if you think one of these presentations is a good fit for your team, school, event, church, or company.” -Coach Theo

Following Jesus is my identity. Pursuing optimal fitness is my passion and vocation. Hear how you too can put meaning behind your fitness, progress further in your faith, and find lasting motivation from this powerful combination as well.
Mental barriers block you. Your mind is your worst enemy. You can defeat it. I’ll share the 6 simple action steps that I’ve personally used to re-train and optimize my mindset for my business, training, relationships, and life.

My life motto INAM comes from Philippians 2:3-5. It’s a challenging concept that at first creates tension for many. But working through it leads to freedom, fulfillment, and a relentless will to seek God’s vision for your life. Hear how God took me to rock bottom to find this life scripture, and what He’s done for my Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, and Friendships, ever since.
Pay attention to your intention. Training doesn’t have to be selfish. Performance doesn’t have to be just about you. Learn FMU’s Be Great 8 Principles and apply them to your focus, efforts, and habits, and watch your strength, intensity, and results go up a notch!

They told me not to do it. Incorporating faith into your business is risky. I’ll tell you what sparked me not to listen and how God has proven just the opposite. The more bold we are the stronger the growth becomes. There are five principles we’ve discovered that continue to make our company successful. Stick to them and they’ll help your business and ministry keep evolving as well.