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This is something God has been placing on our hearts for a long time now. Time stopped us. We wanted to do it right. We wanted to make it professional and high quality. We didn’t feel like we had enough time to do that. Then we realized that wasn’t practical nor was that real life.

So we decided just to run with it. Nothing fancy. Live, real time, unedited, behind the scenes with a Christian couple that doesn’t have it all right, but loves Jesus so much that we’re striving to do whatever we can to get there.

Chances are you’ve been misled. You need to hear something refreshing. You need to see that the struggles are real and we are all dysfunctional. Or maybe we are going to say something that you’ve heard before, but just in a different way.

The only thing that makes us different is our perspective. Once that changes, so will your life.

Here we go. This may be for you. And if it is, it may just be an absolute game-changer for you and everyone in your life.


Coach Theo and Amber


Kids. Adults. Faith.

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