:30/:90 Max Effort Cardio Intervals



Here’s a great running (or any cardio) workout. ⁣🥇

⁣:30 seconds MAX EFFORT. *this has to be as hard as you can to where you need to stop because you can’t go any longer.⁣

⁣:90 rest.⁣

⁣Repeat 8 rounds. (Build up gradually thru first 3-4 rds before going 100%). ⁣

⁣*make sure to warm up adequately for 3-5 minutes minimum.⁣

⁣**cool down for 3-5 minutes (slow breathing :5 second breath in, :5 second breath out). ⁣

⁣Comes from a cool book called Sprint8. ⁣

⁣Major benefit is true growth hormone release which is great for optimal fat burn and lean muscle building. Comment 👇🏼 if you try it! ⁣

Coach Theo

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